kung fu grippe

  1. Outbound L-Taraval

    Outbound L-Taraval

  2. All of the original Ramones are dead, yet all of the Eagles are still alive. What a world.
  3. Man. Jim Steranko.


    Man. Jim Steranko.


  4. The English Beat - “Save It for Later” (Live; O.T.T.; March 27, 1982)


  5. Dave Edmunds - “Girls Talk” (1979)

    They just don’t make ‘em like Rockpile anymore.

  6. Ramones - “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue” (Ramones, 1976)

    The first Ramones song I ever loved and still my favorite.

  7. zdarsky:

    So, I’d been trying since late October to get JIM DAVIS to do a cover for us. Sadly, it never happened as he said he didn’t feel like he was up to the task (also, I’m assuming, because it’s called “Sex Criminals”). So, instead, he sent me this in the mail.

    Jim Davis sent me a drawing of Garfiled dressed as me.

    Jim Davis.

    I can die now I guess.



    (It’s made out to “Steve Murray” cause that’s my real name if you didn’t know. Taa daa.)

    EDIT: Almost forgot to add his handwritten note!

  8. Brimpception Brimptinues

    Brimpception Brimptinues

  9. ❤️ Lumberjanes

    ❤️ Lumberjanes

  10. As you do.

    As you do.

  11. Look at me, I’m a food blogger.

    Look at me, I’m a food blogger.

  12. The only way I was going to learn what I needed to learn to be successful was to take the risk,” Johnson says. “Put it out there and if things go wrong, as long as I learn from the experience I get to go again.
  13. capnmariam:

    Fact: Scott Simpson (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) tells some of the best tiny stories.

    Fun fact: I keep a stable of monks, cloistered in my home, to illuminate manuscripts at my whim. They are…inconsistent letterers.  But: quiet.

    More honest/less fun fact: I worry it is always SUPER obvious when I am working against a certain type of deadline dread.  I shouldn’t be so anxious about things, I know: The Robert Benchley GTD system has historically worked out for everything but the 3 manuscripts that have been in my bag since 2008.

  14. Sports!

Thanks, Jory.


    Thanks, Jory.

  15. Ultimately, I’m an educator.

    Ultimately, I’m an educator.