kung fu grippe

  1. The only way I was going to learn what I needed to learn to be successful was to take the risk,” Johnson says. “Put it out there and if things go wrong, as long as I learn from the experience I get to go again.
  2. capnmariam:

    Fact: Scott Simpson (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) tells some of the best tiny stories.

    Fun fact: I keep a stable of monks, cloistered in my home, to illuminate manuscripts at my whim. They are…inconsistent letterers.  But: quiet.

    More honest/less fun fact: I worry it is always SUPER obvious when I am working against a certain type of deadline dread.  I shouldn’t be so anxious about things, I know: The Robert Benchley GTD system has historically worked out for everything but the 3 manuscripts that have been in my bag since 2008.

  3. Sports!

Thanks, Jory.


    Thanks, Jory.

  4. Ultimately, I’m an educator.

    Ultimately, I’m an educator.

  5. July 31st is right around the corner.

And, I SO wanna make this.

    July 31st is right around the corner.

    And, I SO wanna make this.

  6. X - “See How We Are” - (Acoustic) (The Cutting Edge, 1986)

    America, man.

  7. A B2W HeroesCon Greeting

    Dan Benjamin and Merlin Mann host a well-known (comics) podcast called “Back To Work”. They couldn’t be at HeroesCon 2014, so we put together a nice greeting, featuring a few favorite comics creators.


    My God, Alan. This is amazing. Thank you!

  8. The Beach Boys - “Wouldn’t It Be Nice (Pet Sounds; 1966; isolated vocals)

    I just.


  9. Rush - “Tom Sawyer”

    1. Yep. Arguably, Rush’s high-water mark.
    2. Man. I’m a sucker for footage of a band recording the actual song.
    3. Say what you will about Neil Peart’s objectivist lyrics: that man can play him some goddamned drums.
    4. Yeah. That’s right. I’m watching a Rush documentary right now. Shut up.
    5. My God. The drum fills. Jiminy.
  10. marvel1980s:

    1977 - Star Wars promo posters by Coke and Burger King

    Actually I’m pretty sure it was Burger Chef. Because I so had a couple of these.


  11. What.




  12. bartdontlie:

    This is the realest thing that’s ever been on TV. 

  13. "Thank you, Mood!"

    I still can’t believe this actually happened.

    We went up the elevator to the 3rd floor, got out to walk into Mood, and—I swear to God I’m not making this up—Helen Castillo was just…standing there.

    And, she could not have been any nicer to Ellie. Super-gracious.

    Oh. And also? We totally met Swatch.

    What a weird afternoon.

  14. I remember that one time [Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu] visited an apple orchard. The president of the co-operative declared that he had the biggest production of apples in the orchard’s history and when Ceausescu decided to control it, he asked his employees to tie apples in the trees, so the first 3 rows of trees would have lots of apples. And this was not a one-of-a-kind situation. The farms did the same as cows, pigs, sheeps were moved from a place to another depending on Ceausescu’s controls.