kung fu grippe

  1. 2 All-Beef Patties & 15 Years

    The email it’s taken me fifteen years to write.

    Regarding the agenda, the XXXXXXXXXXXX is still in the process of evaluating different potential lineups. I’m ok to discuss terms, but we’re not ready to commit to anything yet. For us, the purpose is to chat about possible topics you could speak on relating to the theme of “XXXXXXXXXXXX.” I don’t want waste your time, but we just need to do more research on all of the speakers we’re considering.

    Not a waste of time at all, except inasmuch as we just need to agree upfront that, if you choose to hire me, you both understand and can hit those terms I laid out. That’s all.

    Viz.: the cashier at McDonald’s can talk to the guy in line about the pros, cons, and general value proposition of the Big Mac for potentially weeks.

    But, regardless of the content of their various conversations, a Big Mac still always costs at least $3.57. Even if the customer thinks it should cost a nickel. Even if the customer eventually decides he doesn’t want it. Still. Big Macs always cost at least $3.57.

    Since everyone else in line understands this and has their wallets ready, it really behooves the cashier to underscore that, at least in her line of work, every successful Big Mac conversation always ends with at least $3.57 changing hands.

    Jesus, it feels great to say what you’ve kept meaning to say. And, brother, did I ever keep meaning to say this.