kung fu grippe

  1. Cargo cult

    Cargo cults sometimes maintain that manufactured western goods (“cargo”) have been created by divine spirits and are intended for the local indigenous people, but that Westerners have unfairly gained control of these objects. Cargo cults thus focus on overcoming what they perceive as undue ‘white’ influences by conducting rituals similar to the white behavior they have observed, presuming that the ancestors will at last recognize their own and send them cargo.

    Yeah, those crazy, backward natives. It’s sad how they lack our technology and sophistication.

    Seriously. How can you read the desperate speculation, studied hope, and pants-shitting fear behind every SEO forum thread without understanding that Google-watching is a total cargo cult?

    Most SEOs are making headphones out of coconuts, hoping it brings traffic, and then wondering why the gods are so angry at them. They never get that the headphones probably aren’t hooked up to anything but their make-believe radio.