kung fu grippe

  1. It is done. Adieu, Quicksilver.

    It was a good run. So long, old friend.

    I love LaunchBar—but she’ll never be another you.

    [Now, for our memorial service—please, cue a shitty Harry Chapin song. Any will do.]

    The Salad Days

    Day 3 of 43 Folders.

    Day 4 of 43 Folders.

    Day 15 of 43 Folders.

    Getting the idea that I really liked Quicksilver?


    The Breakthrough

    Then, a biggie. From the Summer of 2006:

    MacBreak 12 - Quicksilver

    Very first thing I ever made with Leo. First. Thing.

    People still mention it to me when we meet. Which is really awesome.

    Because, the first time you saw Quicksilver it absolutely seemed like a magic trick. Seriously. Beyond sufficiently advanced.1

    The Sunset Years

    …Then? Time passed…

    So the years went by,
    she stayed the same.
    But I began to drift away…

    The End


    1. I mean, it became “sufficiently advanced” once you were able to figure out Nicholas’s crazy secret key combo that you had to mash to enable Advanced Features. (OT: Love that guy.)