kung fu grippe

  1. pantsformation:

    “Trying to talk somebody out of the stuff that they enjoy in life is like trying to talk them out of their faith or their sexuality. It’s a pointless exercise that can never be anything but acrimonious and will only highlight unnecessary amounts of difference about things that ultimately don’t really matter. Buy the steak you like, worship the god you love, neck with the people that you treasure and don’t worry about the numbers.”

    Merlin Mann // Taken from Episode #91 of Back To Work (1:07:00-1:07:24)

    I am consistently floored at Merlin’s ability to take some aspect of our collective existence that often completely escapes the majority of us and then turn it into something absolutely profound that all at once inspires me and nearly moves me to tears.


    Thanks for the amazing compliment, PF. What a wonderful thing to say.

    And, yes: I am totally quoting myself on my own site. Because I think the head-shaking thoughts contained in that paragraph maybe four times every day, and, frankly, I am very unlikely to ever put it any better than that.