kung fu grippe

  1. Hodgman kicking a persimmon off of Merlin’s head. [by JasPer]

    City Arts & Lectures - John Hodgman, Part 1 (mp3)



    It’s Pledge Week on KQED. As usual.

    So, we got mercilessly bumped by The Prairie Guy Who Always Sings That One Note Like a Dyspeptic Hound Dog.

    Anyhow. They only ran the first half of the full, hour-long interview we did. But hey, look what fell off the back of a truck. Crazy, huh?

    I’ll post the full eppie once it’s available. Here’s some leads on where to hear/stream the show yourself. I mean. If it’s not bumped by Powdermilk Biscuits™.

    John Hodgman is a very funny and generous man. But, you’ll have to wait for Part 2 to hear him scissor-kick fruit off my head.