kung fu grippe

  1. “Go ahead, caller.”

    The first Back to Work Q&A call-in show records live today at Noon Eastern Time, and you should totally be there.


    After much delay and two (2) holiday-related reschedulings (sorry ‘bout that, jackals), today, my co-host Dan Benjamin and I will mark the 100th episode of Back to Work by doing our first Question & Answer show, which will include a live call-in COM-ponent.1

    The show is currently scheduled to record live at Noon eastern time, and, as usual, you can listen live via the 5by5.tv site or by using Dan’s awesome 5by5 Radio iOS app.

    But, here’s two (2) dynamic means by which you can get even more directly involved in today’s interactive festivities:

    1. Call us. To call and ask your question during the episode’s live recording, please locate your personal or business phone apparatus, and call us at +1 512-518-5714.2 I have no idea how this telephonic magic works, but, I assume a grey wizard, helper monkey, or even the actual Danbot AI functionality will pick up.

    2. Toot us. If you have an account on this new “Twitter” thing, you can ask a gloriously succinct question by forming a toot that includes the hash-tag, “#b2wqa”.3

    I cannot promise that your called or tooted query will make it on-air, but, since I literally don’t have a job4, I’m happy to hang out and record until we run out of internet tape. Or, dark matter. Or, whatever the deuce our show’s actually made out of.

    Anyway. Looking forward to chatting with you nerds—and thanks for sticking with our program for as inexplicably as long as I apparently have.5

    Believe me, I’m just as surprised as you are.

    [awesome Dan & Merlin illustration by Francesca Buchko]

    1. As you say. 

    2. Standard fees apply. 

    3. That’s pronounced, “bih-TOO-wuh-kuh,” and I’m told it’s a bit of Navajo vernacular that very roughly translates to “way of the future.” 

    4. No, literally. 

    5. Recall: the smart money predicted I’d never manage to do more than three episodes before mysteriously quitting for no apparent reason.