kung fu grippe

  1. John Roderick on String Art Owls, Copper Pipe, and Bono’s Boss on Vimeo (The Merlin Show; Prod. Ben Durbin; 2007)

    People ask about the exact origin of Roderick on the Line.

    But, while the whole story of how John first ended up sleeping at our house one night in 2002 has never been told in the exhaustive detail it deserves, I can tell you that this 5-year-old video captures the first time I officially interviewed John as an actual thing.

    I like it a lot, and the unintentional genesis of Roderick on the Line is clearly in there.

    Alongside John’s 2011 interview for Back to Work, you’ll definitely get the feel for why we thought chatting each week might be a useful way for John to help many, many people.