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  1. Bob Mould & Dave Grohl - “Ice Cold Ice” (Live; November, 2011)

    Waking up with a great Hüsker Dü song in my head was pretty swell. But, finding this slamming live version with a very enthusiastic Dave Grohl on second guitar (and ably taking Grant Hart’s vocals) is pure chocolate frosting.

    It’s hard enough to believe I bought this album twenty-five years ago, but it’s almost as amazing to hear a grey and happy 49-year-old Bob Mould sounding this great. Arguably singing more strongly than when he did at a doughy and very unhappy 26.

    Good for Bob. Love that fella.

    We sit and pray together
    That they might change the weather.
    My love for you will never die.
    If I sound distant that’s because
    You shouldn’t see me cry in ice cold ice.
    Shouldn’t see me cry in ice cold ice.