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  1. I never said all actors are cattle; what I said was all actors should be treated like cattle.
  2. Connected by Strings

    Revolver (album) [“Eleanor Rigby”]

    George Martin used to claim that his composition was inspired by the Bernard Herrmann score for François Truffaut's film Fahrenheit 451, however this is not possible because the film had not yet been released. The writers of the book Recording The Beatles theorized that Martin was probably referring to the score from Psycho, which was also scored by Herrmann. Martin has since altered his telling of the story and agrees that he was probably thinking of the score to Psycho. The strings were recorded without reverberation, and compressed, giving a stark, urgent sound.

    For 35 years I’ve listened to the wonderful song that became (at least in some small and probably unconscious way) part of the inspiration for my daughter's first name.

    But, holy Christ. I’d never heard the Herrmann/Psycho influence. Until now. And now it’s all I can hear. Which, in its way, is kind of awesome.

    In particular:

    • "Eleanor Rigby" 0:13-0:19
    • "Eleanor Rigby" 0:22-0:26

    Compare with a Psycho excerpt:

    Man, nobody did it like Bernard Herrmann. His stuff still sounds as taut, fresh, sophisticated, and unknowable as it did the day it came out. Hard to imagine a handful of Hitchcock classics without him (and Saul Bass).

    Then there’s Taxi Driver.

    And, as far as Psycho goes? Imagine if Hitch had stuck to his guns and gone with his original decision to keep the shower scene unscored.

    Hitchcock originally wanted the shower scene to play with no music. In post production, while the director was out of town, Herrmann composed the famous theme and showed it to Hitchcock with the music upon his return. Hitchcock had to admit his original notion was an “improper suggestion.”

    "ER" MP3 Source: Revolver Deluxe Vol. II (Purple Chick). If it exists. And if I have it. Which I’m not saying it does. And I’m certainly not implying I do. Although it would be an awesome not-to-miss addition to any Beatles nerd’s collection. If it exists. Which I’m not saying it does.