kung fu grippe

  1. Elliott Smith - “Say Yes” (EIther/Or; Kill Rock Stars; 1997)

    Pretty much perfect.

  2. Ben Folds - “Say Yes” (Elliott Smith cover; A.V. Undercover; 2011)


  3. rotl:

    Elliott Smith - “Waltz #2” (Live; Later; 1998)

    I’m here today and expected to stay
    On and on and on.
    I’m tired.
    I’m tired.

  4. Elliott Smith - “Miss Misery” (Early Version; 1997)


  5. Elliott Smith - “St. Ides Heaven” (Elliott Smith; Kill Rock Stars; 1995)

    This is one of the songs that got me through the nadir of my adult life.

    I get the feeling Elliott’s music has done that same service for a lot of people.

    High on amphetamines,
    The moon is a lightbulb breaking.
    It’ll go around with anyone,
    But, it won’t come down for anyone.
    And, I won’t come down for anyone.

  6. Lucky Three: an Elliott Smith Portrait (Recorded, 1996)

    Annnnnnnd…now, I’m listening to Elliott Smith.

    As you do.

    Lucky Three - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

    Lucky Three or Lucky Three: an Elliott Smith Portrait is an 11-minute short film featuring Elliott Smith playing acoustic songs. Directed by Jem Cohen, the film was recorded October 17-20, 1996 in Portland, Oregon, and released in 1997. It is available on Kill Rock Stars' Video Fanzine #1 release (1999, out of print). In an MTV indie outing interview, Smith described it as “a cross between a video and a documentary, but actually being neither of the two.”


    Songs played:

    1. Instrumental version based on what became “Baby Britain”, at the beginning and between the last two songs
    2. "Between the Bars" (take 3), live on film version here, LP version available on Either/Or (1997)
    3. "Thirteen" (live Big Star cover), also available on the Thumbsucker soundtrack (2005)
    4. "Angeles" (take 1), live on film version here, LP version available on Either/Or (1997)
  7. Proof of concept.

    Hear that background noise? Yeah.

    That’s because I just did 8 tracks of instruments and vocals on my fucking phone.

    On the fucking street.


  8. hm hm-hmm…

    Elliott Smith - “Say Yes” (Either/Or, 1997)

    In just two and a half minutes: five catchy verses, an understated solo, a captivating middle eight, and, as he starts the turn into the home stretch, a shimmering, Rubber Soul-quality bridge that brings it all together.

    No chorus.

    And, yet, it’s still a practically perfect pop song.