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  1. Pixies - “Gigantic” (Live, 1988)

    If it was the late 1980s and you didn’t have a crush on Mrs. John Murphy, you just weren’t wired right.

  2. Pixies - “Gigantic” (New Version; 1988)


  3. philnoto:

Megan Gwynn “Pixie” 

Speaking of Phil Noto.


    Megan Gwynn “Pixie” 

    Speaking of Phil Noto.

  4. Pixies - “Head On” (Jesus and Mary Chain cover; Live in Studio; 1991)

    If memory serves, the legend goes that “Head On" was a song Pixies would play for rehearsals and warm-ups from the very early days.

    Which, if true, makes the story behind the video even more fun:

    By 1991, the Pixies refused to film music videos for their singles. After a long debate with their record company in the United States — Elektra Records — the band relented and agree to film a video, as long as the song was done completely live. Peter Lubin, the A&R representative of Elektra at the time, later explained the situation:

    By completely live that means full band, vocals, cameras roll, video’s done by the end of two minutes and 13 seconds. One take, that’s it. So those became the ground rules, that was the only way you were going to get a Pixies video for ‘Head On’ or anything else.

  5. Pixies - “Gigantic” (Live; London; 1988)

    And, of course, the definitive track of my balmy summer of ‘89.

    Just wow. Marry me, Mrs. John Murphy. Marry me forever.

  6. Spoon - “All the Negatives Have Been Destroyed” (Telephono, 1996)

    I suspect Spoon maybe used to like The Pixies a little. At some point. Maybe. Kinda.

    update 2010-11-06_12-10-04: Video “fixed.” Swing on it, YouTube.

  7. Pixies - “Gigantic” (Live, 1988)

    BF made Pixies seem like they wouldn’t need more than some decent speakers and 40 minutes to permanently rewire your brain.

    But, Kim made Pixies feel like they were also our band. Which is why this version of “Gigantic” might be my favorite thing ever.

    (I mean. After my kid. Or, you know. Whatever.)

    OT: Has anyone—with the possible exception of Neko Case—ever looked cuter sweating in a dumpy t-shirt? No. The answer is no.