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  1. Best “publicity photo” ever.


    Best “publicity photo” ever.


  2. Scott Walker to Bowie on his 50th Bithday: Hello David, this is Scott Walker. I’m coming to you via a very old crappy hand held tape machine. I hope it’s alright. I’m gonna be a devil today and not ask you any question. I’m certain that among the many messages, there’ll be those about that you always embrace the new, and how you freed so many artists and this is of course true. Like everyone else I’d like to thank you for all the years, especially for your generosity in spirit when it comes to other artists. I’ve been the beneficiary on more than one occasion let me tell you. So have a wonderful birthday, and by the way, mine’s the day after yours so I’ll have a drink to you on the other side of midnight. How’s that?

    Bowie’s Reaction: (sigh). (pause). Well.. (silence) that’s.. I’ve just seen God in the window.

    ChangesNowBowie Transcipt, Jan 8 1997 (via sixstepsback)

    Musician Scott Walker wishes David Bowie a happy birthday and Bowie says he sees God.  This is substantially different than the exchanges that Gov. Scott Walker engages in these days. 

    Advantage:  Scott Walker, musician.

    (via scottwalkervsscottwalker)

    (via scottwalkervsscottwalker)

  3. Scott Walker - “Jackie” (1968)

    Just amazing. The man really had his own thing going on.

    Tell me how we get Bowie, Morrissey, Teardrop Explodes, or Echo & the Bunnymen without performances like this.

  4. Scott Walker: 30 Century Man - Official Theatrical Trailer

    I just can’t recommend this movie enough. Seriously. Trust me. Watch it.

    Streamable on Netflix: Netflix: Scott Walker: 30 Century Man